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Veteran Disabled from Posting!
« on: January 06, 2017, 10:39:07 PM »
I was in the CCG for years as Vader, but as soon as I sold my costume I was banned from every part of this forum. I thought I had at least one year from my last troop as an officially sanctioned costumer to participate. I guess not? Someone watched my sales thread of my Vader costume and banned me? Curious how that works? I thought I was a part of you guys and will be in the future? Somone is trigger happy to ban people and not give them a change to explain or their intentions.

--Adam Mackall (Vader)
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Re: Veteran Disabled from Posting!
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Anyone reading, fyi, I built a Jango Fett which I sold years ago and was also shamed for doing so.

I sold my Vader to help save for future investments like kids and such. As soon as I did it seemed like I was no longer welcome into the 501st. It's a shame that someone can spend so much money and so much time and be set aside like some casual.

I was anything but casual but it looks like the way the Cloud City Garrison runs their forum if you sell your costume despite having at least 1 year enrollment since your last troop you are disqualified from participating.

Are you XOs really this daft? Letting your officers terminate access to faithful members of the CCG?

Seriously, this hurts your image and character. Way to go burning bridges!

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Re: Veteran Disabled from Posting!
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Hi Adam!!
You may have forgotten but you have poted this already.  Please make posts to this link :)

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