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2016 FAN FILM [Update]
« on: July 23, 2016, 02:47:54 PM »
Hello everyone, It's Julian again with some new information on the project...A few of our cast members had last minute scheduling conflicts this month, so we have to postpone shooting for another 6 weeks. This however gives us more time to plan around people's schedules if anyone is still interested in helping out. I'm entering college this year and I'm majoring in Film/Understand a ton about filmmaking and theory, therefore if we have he right people collaborating we could really make some amazing work. I understand everyone is busy but if we could just get 1 (literally only 1) stormtrooper we can use clever angles and GCI to make it look like as many as we want. But we need people to want to work with us. We're willing to make a donation as well for the inconvenience...I simply want to create something great and all it takes is one person to capture the authenticity of the star wars universe. Thank you -Julian

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