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Hello fellow legion members, my name is Julian( I'm new to the forums so forgive me if I do anything wrong) and I'm working on a very fun and ambitious fan film. We have raised around $500 towards our budget, and we really need screen accurate costumes. We don't have to money to buy kits so we're hoping that someone on here would see this and want to help out. We need any original trilogy era costumes. From Stormtroopers to Rebel pilots, E-11 blasters to thermal detinators, we need anyone who can help out with costumes or props. Anyone is welcome to act as well, as I'm assuming you'd all want to wear your own kits. We are totally fine with you acting and we would fully credit you on the film. This project will be filmed in early summer throughout summer and it is a High-school senior project that can hopefully be used for colleges. My crew members and I are very interested in filmmaking, and we hope we can use this as a medium for expressing our talents. The film will be broken into 2 parts, each around 30 minutes long. We need a ton of imperial soldiers for this. As well as a mandolorian (ESB Boba fett) and I've tried contacting the mandolorian mercs but I haven't gotten any feedback. I've tried posting this here before but no one took it into consideration. It's up to members like you with kits to help out. We are willing to make a donation as well. We still need to work out concrete film dates but we plan on shooting this over 10-20 days in early May to late July. Here is an official link to the projects GoFundMe account:
If anyone needs more information please feel free to contact me on here, or my work email

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Re: 2016 Untitled student film.( Please read for more information )
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Don't know if you're in need of a Han Solo, but I would be interested in helping out, if you can work around my crazy schedule. :)

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Re: 2016 Untitled student film.( Please read for more information )
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If you need a Rebel B-wing pilot I'd be up for it. But I'm not sure how much luck you'll have in finding people willing to loan out their costumes... Most of us have put a lot of work into them and don't usually like to loan them out. That and the costumes are usually made to fit the wearer so they might not fit someone else properly.

I have a couple spare B-wing pilot helmets that I don't mind loaning out temporarily if I'm on the set but they can be a little fragile so I keep on eye on them if I loan them out. :P

But if it helps any, I do have acting experience. I'm a voice actor and I've also had a minor role in a Gus Van Sant movie.
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Re: 2016 Untitled student film.( Please read for more information )
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Yeah we're mainly looking for you guys to wear your own kits. We mainly just need 3-4 Stormtroopers and a few Rebel pilots. We can use clever film angles to make 4 Stormtroopers look like 10. I've contacted Mindie and she told me to post in the Imperial Cantina for good visibility. She mentioned that tons of members are just now getting their Stormtrooper kits...and that they'd maybe be down to help. So I'm just trying to find people that are interested in the project. As far as voice acting goes...we might be interested in having you narrate the opening sequence...