Author Topic: 06.18.11- Portland's "Star Wars vs Star Trek" Bike Ride - Pedalpalooza event!  (Read 2068 times)

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Hi all!

First, let me say that it's always been a dream of mine to join the 501st! Someday, I'll be able to afford the armor.  Anyway, I thought that some of you Portland-based Star Wars costume enthusiasts would like to know that we're exactly one month away from Portland's 2nd Annual Star Wars vs. Star Trek bike ride!!!

It's part of a two-week long series of awesome organized bike rides called Pedalpalooza.  (  This ride is (clearly) the most important one, and happens on June 18th, at 2pm!

Last year was loads of fun and featured tons of amateur costumed bicyclists from both universes!  Highlights were a two-person USS Enterprise Bike, a car-sized X-Wing Fighter bike, and a whole wing of TIE Fighter bikes!  But you don't need to dress up your bike (or even yourself) to come have a good time!

Some video from last year's ride:

This year's going to be even bigger and better!  Already, the frame of a 22-foot long, 4-person Star Destroyer bike has been seen patrolling the city...

The ride is fun for all ages, and the course is easy for any level of bicycle skill!

Official Ride Description: In a quadrant far, far away, where stars and bicycles collide, come be a part of the greatest battle this side of the outer rim. Are you a stormtrooper, or a redshirt? Do you pledge to the Federation, or to the Empire? Does your bike travel in hyperspace, or warp speed? Put on your best space garb, shine up your two-wheeled spacecraft, and blast your way through Portland on the nerdiest ride of Pedalpalooza.

Anyway, I went last year and it was totally fun.  And I highly recommend it! The more the merrier!  I'd love to answer any questions you have about the ride.

PS The only way to definitively answer the question "Star Wars vs Star Trek" is a strong showing from our side :)

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haha, the umbrella + pontoon boat = starship enterprise was too funny. If i only lived closer to Portland...
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