Author Topic: NEW..The Making of Star Wars Book.. 2007 at Borders or Barnes and Noble  (Read 2231 times)

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 :D   They just released a Beautiful Book  this week.. It is called The Making of Star Wars..The story behind the Original Film.      It is 313 pages with alot of Behind the scenes Pictures and story.. It is outstanding..  Alot of Pictures I have never seen before... If you are a Star Wars Fan.. then get this book NOW ..LOLOLOL.. I picked mine up today at Borders Bookstore. It cost 35.00. It is worth every Penny.. You will not reget... As I wave my Hand and say with Jedi Mind  trick "You Need this Book".. But that wont work because you will get it anyway... It a great Coffee Table book.  Peace all , Allan
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I'll have to get my armor on and get me a copy of that  :wink:
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Hey, we should plan a 'time' for a couple of us to do that. :mrgreen:

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Sounds like a grand idea!I'm in
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