Trooper Profile: TK-147

Forum Nametk147
Character NameStormtrooper - OT
501st ID147
Real NameMichael
Member Since:  2002-08-01
Costume List
Stormtrooper - OT , approved 2002-08-01
Current Year Troops:  0
Troops Since we started Tracking:  11
Recent Tour of Duty
2023-09-10: Doernbecher Pediatric Oncology Hematology Annual Picnic - Lake Oswego
2021-12-18: Galaxy Drive -Portland
2020-01-25: Reaching for the Stars
2019-12-21: Private Event
2019-09-28: Walk to End Lupus Now
2018-01-27: Reaching for the Stars Special Needs Day
2016-12-17: Rogue One Primiere - Cinetopia Progress Ridge - Saturday
2015-12-17: The Force Awakens - Cinetopia Progress Ridge
2014-11-16: Toys For Tots
2013-10-24: Oregon City Public Library Halloween Party
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