Trooper Profile: TK-70202

Forum Namegalenmarek
Character NameStormtrooper - OT
501st ID70202
Real NameMarek
Member Since:  2022-07-25
Costume List
Stormtrooper - OT , approved 2022-07-25
Biker Scout , approved 2023-05-29
Current Year Troops:  0
Troops Since we started Tracking:  13
Recent Tour of Duty
2023-09-17: Make A Wish Party for Judah Miller
2023-08-04: Mstar Movie Night
2023-07-09: Marion County Fair
2023-06-17: super hero run
2023-06-11: Salem river front carousel invasion
2023-05-07: Private Event
2023-05-04: KGW at the Star Wars Store - Washington Square
2023-05-04: May the 4th at Alaska Airlines - Portland Airport
2023-05-04: Galaxy Blood Drive - May the Force be with you!
2023-05-04: Columbia Sportswear Headquarters May the 4th BBQ
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