Trooper Profile: TB-12394

Forum NameBikerScoutSchurman
Character NameBiker Scout
501st ID12394
Real NameRyen
Member Since:  2019-08-03
Costume List
Biker Scout , approved 2019-08-03
Current Year Troops:  5
Troops Since we started Tracking:  13
Recent Tour of Duty
2020-03-14: CITIES OF STAR WARS: CLOUD CITY FIRST Tech Challenge Oregon State Championship
2020-03-12: Private Event
2020-03-08: Private Event
2020-03-07: Private Event
2020-02-29: Star Wars Pancake Breakfast
2019-11-09: Private Event
2019-10-31: Battle Ground Main Street trick or treating
2019-10-31: Halloween Block Party
2019-10-30: Halloween Party
2019-10-26: The Autism Society of Oregon's Halloween Party - Portland
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