Trooper Profile: TK-42050

Forum NameDStep
Character NameStormtrooper - OT
501st ID42050
Real NameD'Angelo
Member Since:  2018-10-05
Costume List
Stormtrooper - OT , approved 2018-10-05
Boba Fett , approved 2019-10-13
Current Year Troops:  0
Troops Since we started Tracking:  66
Recent Tour of Duty
2021-08-06: Private Event
2021-07-31: Private Event
2021-07-10: Private Event
2021-05-04: May the 4th High School Baseball Game
2021-01-30: Birthday/Moving out of state driveway party
2020-10-31: Morning Star Community Church Trunk or Treat
2020-10-31: Private Event
2020-10-24: Washington Square Mall Drive-thru Food Drive
2020-10-11: Private Event
2020-10-03: Flicks at the Farm
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