Trooper Profile: TI-65011

Forum Namecglodt
Character NameTIE Reserve
501st ID65011
Real NameChris
Member Since:  2018-10-04
Costume List
Stormtrooper - OT , approved 2018-10-04
TIE Reserve , approved 2020-04-05
Current Year Troops:  0
Troops Since we started Tracking:  21
Recent Tour of Duty
2020-10-31: Morning Star Community Church Trunk or Treat
2020-08-02: Grad night TK gift reveal
2020-01-25: Reaching for the Stars
2020-01-19: Private Event
2019-12-21: Salem movie premiere
2019-12-15: Christmas Storybook Land Annual Presentation
2019-10-27: Private Event
2019-10-27: Trunk or Treat Salem
2019-08-23: Star Wars In the Park - Salem Morning Star Church
2019-08-14: Weird Al - Troutdale
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