Trooper Profile: TK-66543

Forum Namealexcobb202
Character NameStormtrooper - OT
501st ID66543
Real NameAlex
Member Since:  2018-05-15
Costume List
Stormtrooper - OT , approved 2018-05-15
Shoretrooper , approved 2019-08-27
Tusken Raider AOTC Male , approved 2020-05-03
Current Year Troops:  0
Troops Since we started Tracking:  35
Recent Tour of Duty
2023-12-09: Christmas Storybook Land
2023-08-12: Eugene Emeralds Star Wars day
2023-05-06: May the Fourth at ScienceWorks Museum - Ashland
2023-02-25: Eugene Symphony Return of the Jedi
2022-12-11: Christmas Storybook Land
2022-11-12: 5k for the GPHS Band and Guard
2022-10-29: Scarecrow Row in Klamath Falls!
2022-07-16: Emeralds Star Wars night
2022-07-16: Radar Toys 5th Year Anniversary Event!
2022-07-16: Klamath Pride at Veterans Park
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