Trooper Profile: SL-28733

Forum Namebdixonarts
Character NameDarth Nihilus
501st ID28733
Real NameBrandy
Member Since:  2017-04-01
Costume List
Darth Nihilus , approved 2017-04-01
Current Year Troops:  1
Troops Since we started Tracking:  55
Recent Tour of Duty
2022-07-04: 4th of July Parade - Lake Oswego
2020-01-25: Reaching for the Stars
2019-06-01: Starlight Parade 2019
2019-04-25: Highland Carnival
2019-03-23: Airport Make-A-Wish Send off
2019-01-26: Reaching for the Stars Special Needs Day at Evergreen Museum - 2018
2018-10-21: The Portland Retro Gaming Expo (PRGE) Sunday
2018-08-18: Eugene Emeralds Baseball
2018-07-15: Marion County Fair
2018-06-16: Rose City Round-Up
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