Trooper Profile: ID-38566

Forum NameSkvandyk
Character NameImperial Officer
501st ID38566
Real NameShannon
Member Since:  2017-02-20
Costume List
Imperial Officer , approved 2017-02-20
Current Year Troops:  0
Troops Since we started Tracking:  13
Recent Tour of Duty
2018-12-16: Are you naughty or nice? - Geeks & Games Oregon City
2018-12-08: Snowball Express 2018
2018-11-04: Private Event
2018-05-05: The Home Depot Store 4001's First Annual Kids Workshop P
2018-05-04: Star Wars Day Celebration for Kids at Jubilatte
2018-05-04: STARWARSTORE.COM May the 4th Party!
2018-05-04: Bit House Saloon May the 4th be with you Party - SE Portland
2017-09-24: Private Event
2017-06-25: Heroes and Villains H&V Fan Fest Day 2
2017-06-24: Heroes and Villains H&V Fan Fest Portland Day 1
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