Trooper Profile: SL-9645

Forum NameDavid A
Character NameDarth Vader
501st ID9645
Real NameDavid
Member Since:  2012-02-20
Costume List
Darth Vader , approved 2012-02-20
Current Year Troops:  0
Troops Since we started Tracking:  64
Recent Tour of Duty
2023-10-28: Scarousel Bash
2018-11-11: EUCON 2018 day two
2018-02-10: An Evening For Autism
2017-02-04: 2017 Winterhawks Mascot Night
2017-01-28: Evergreen Air And Space Reaching for the Stars
2016-12-13: Trail Blazers Star Wars night
2016-08-06: Private Event
2016-07-30: Make-A-Wish Party
2016-07-28: Weird Al Concert - Troutdale
2016-06-30: Star Wars Night with Hillsboro Hops
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