Trooper Profile: DS-53900

Forum NameCMKylo
Character NameKylo Ren
501st ID53900
Real NameCousteau
Member Since:  2016-08-26
Costume List
Kylo Ren , approved 2016-08-26
Current Year Troops:  0
Troops Since we started Tracking:  8
Recent Tour of Duty
2019-06-15: Central Oregon Autism Walk
2018-06-16: 5th Annual Autism Walk Central Oregon
2017-10-28: Scarecrow Row, Fall Festival, and Klamath Comic Con
2017-05-06: 4th Annual Autism Walk
2017-05-06: Free Comic Book Day
2017-03-18: Northwest Comic Con Day 1
2016-10-01: Wedding
2016-09-10: Rose City Comic Con 2016 Day 1
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