Author Topic: Help with Photo's of Armor  (Read 1100 times)

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Help with Photo's of Armor
« on: April 11, 2016, 05:46:39 PM »
Greetings all. I just received my ANH armor from RS Propmasters (I'm a slacker and had the build commissioned). I've applied to the 501st, and e-mail the GML's listed on the 501st master list. I know I'll need to submit pictures, but what I can't find is if there is a picture standard like front, back, side, close ups of helm etc. Can anyone assist?

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Re: Help with Photo's of Armor
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Hey there Brian, and welcome!

this is the list of photo suggestions from the 501st websire:

The following tips will help make sure that you get the right photos to the GML on your first try:

Only submit pictures of yourself alone against a plain background (no convention photos, please).
We will need photos with your helmet/mask on and off (if applicable).
You must include full-length views of your costume from the front, back and both sides.
Be sure to take your photos with adequate lighting and at a high-resolution to help us inspect the details.
Do not wear any non-canon accessories or add ons, including jewelery, glasses, earrings, (unit patches, extra weapons, pauldrons when not part of the canon costume etc...)
If you include any weapons such as a blaster or lightsaber, please ensure that they conform to the weapons policy.
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