Author Topic: "Star Wars Moments" new fanfilm chapter, premiering at Play N Trade-Kirkland!  (Read 1171 times)

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On the occasional Friday or Saturday over the last month, the TacPro Studios group has been filming a new short in the Star Wars Moments series called Night On The Town. It's the story of a pair of stormtroopers on patrol in the streets of Imperial Center and people that they encounter. Their baser instincts get in the way, and the night ends in destruction...but for whom I cannot'll have to watch to find out  :grin:
After the first short "Corellian Standoff" we learned quite a few things about film and editing, and this new project is, head and shoulders, the superior fanfilm. Using my armor and that of our talented editor, friends with costumes of their own make and design, we created a great view of the different levels of Imperial Center life: The rich, the military, and the unknown.
Here's a couple of screen captures from footage:

And we have a Facebook page located here:
Drop by as we show what live action Star Wars can be for pennies!
Night On The Town will premiere at the Play N Trade of Kirkland at the release of The Force Unleashed 2! It will be a great night, as other guest include Gus Lopez signing his new collectibles book of the rarest items, and my friend Amy will have her R2-D2 on site for pictures and enjoyment of the kids. Be sure to order your copy of the new game ahead of time so you can take one home guaranteed.