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Greetings/May The Fourth music video
« on: January 21, 2018, 11:24:53 PM »
Hi, my name is Sam and I'm a musician based in Eugene (Sammy Warm Hands ). I believe I met some of you at EuCon, where there was some SPECTACULAR work on display! The CCG Facebook page referred me here, as the best place to reach everyone.

Hearts of Kyber is the title of my next single, and it will be released on May The Fourth. I'm producing a video, with the help of a director (Taylor Morden ) who has donated his time for this little tribute. We are looking for any Star Wars cosplayers, props, or costumes that we can find. The shoot is on January 31st, at a warehouse here in Eugene.

I'm particularly hoping to find a Rebel pilot costume for myself (ideal for keeping my mouth visible during the performance), and a Darth Maul robe and/or costume for my amazing guest singer (Pete Feliciano ).

We already have light sabers, a Stormtrooper, a Chewie, and a Darth Bane (all thanks to other volunteers). I am pursuing some business sponsorships that would allow me to rent a lifesize Jabba and potentially an R2 and BB8. If I can secure those sponsors, we may even have a premiere party in town on May 4th.

If you have anything of this sort—like a droid, frozen Han, etc.—or want to participate yourself, it would help make this project 10x better!

Thank you SO MUCH for allowing me to post on here! I look forward to meeting you.

-Sam Wartenbee

*Disclaimer: I was advised that you tend to favor family-friendly events, and this song is more PG-13. A preview will be available to anyone concerned about content. We want you to be comfortable on the set so we can make it as fun as possible!