Author Topic: New Recruit for the Imperial Navy Looking Into How to Acquire my Pilots Uniform  (Read 198 times)

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Hey there

My name is Bryce and I’m a new hopeful member of the 501st legion. Looking forward to joining my brothers and sisters in arms in defense of the galaxy from the rebel scum. I’m interested in joining the naval branch of the imperial army and getting my tie pilot suit together. Any advice or being pointed in the right direction would be very appreciated. Also if there’s any events in the southern Oregon area I’ll be sure to be there as a spotter and participant when I’m ready. Thanks for accepting me into your ranks, I’ll see you planetside.

-Bryce (Sugar Bear 1337)

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Hello Bryce and welcome! I'll leave the pilot information up to others who know that stuff but I wanted to say hi!

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Welcome, Bryce!

a couple of great places to start:

The Jolly Roger Squadron Forum (Tie Pilot Detachment):

and the 501st Costume Reference Library:

We have quite a few TIE pilots in this group, including myself, so ask any questions that come up during your research/build.

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Welcome aboard Bryce.

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Howdy, I got started as a reserve pilot with the intention of going full TIE, but the Gunner helmet and armor came along with a great price so I went that way. Flight suit is the way to go for many different costumes. Go to the Jolly Roger forums as has been recommended.
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