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Slight change in plans for ticket pickup. I'll be outside our changing area instead of in front of the main entrance. If you're arriving outside of 0800-1000 please contact me and we'll arrange a time to meet up.

I'll PM a map to spotters with the changing area on it later in the week.
Spotter Check In / Re: 07.15.17: Sherwood Robin Hood Parade SPOTTER sign ups
« Last post by Chris_PDX on Yesterday at 04:09:34 PM »
Will probably be there.  Camera as well.

We also live in Sherwood about half a mile from downtown if anyone needs to store stuff.

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Here's where you submit your pictures to get back to active status:

All the information you need to submit is on that page. Good Luck!
My TI and TI reserve should be up to spec now...I got my officer's jacket from California, in a bunch of stuff that got sent up.  I have met some of you...when the greeblie popped off my belt buckle at the May 4th library event in Eugene.
Looking good! Only question is why is the screen behind your teeth metallic? I assume you will be painting it black?? ;) (or get some black screen)

Jim - TK50899
I will check it out and get back to you. Most likely Daryl already has you covered he is a very experienced builder as well. I just live close to you if you needed some "hands on" help. ;)

Jim - TK50899
Very nice!
yay!!!! more work completed, got the bucket at a display worthy completion.... still need the neck rubber... s seal I think its called and I need to figure out what Im gunna do inside the bucket.....
I also got my right and left shins glued and cleaned up next stop bra hooks and back side seam

glue mouth by Jim, on Flickr

mesh mouth by Jim, on Flickr

bucket complete by Jim, on Flickr

left shin by Jim, on Flickr

right shin complete by Jim, on Flickr
Imperial Work In Progress / Re: Scout Build wip
« Last post by Kyuzo Larkin on June 20, 2017, 06:27:21 PM »
My new belt just shipped today! Yay!
Spotter Check In / 07.15.17: Sherwood Robin Hood Parade SPOTTER sign ups
« Last post by MissyThing on June 20, 2017, 11:56:25 AM »
WHAT: Sherwood Robin Hood Parade
WHERE: Sherwood, OR - Judging takes place near the circle on Langer Farms Parkway (by the shopping center with Walmart)
DATE: Saturday, July 15th
TIME: In costume ready to be judged at 8:15am (if we want to try to win like we have in the past!) - Parade starts at 10am
CAUSE: Sherwood Robin Hood Festival
PARKING: Info coming soon
CHANGING AND STORAGE: Info coming soon
BLASTER POLICY: Blaster and lightsabers are fine.
MEMBERS' CHILDREN IN COSTUME: Yes, children in costume are welcome to attend
People from near and far have been enjoying Sherwood Robin Hood Festival parades for over 60 years. We welcome family friendly entries from businesses, organizations, groups, and individuals in this popular community-oriented parade that weaves through the middle of Sherwood into Old Town.
The parade route is short and pretty level. Everyone is welcome (and encouraged!) to spice up their costumes with Robin Hood flair. Think: Feathers in your "hats", etc.

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